Wednesday, September 02, 2009


We are finally out from quarantine. Bobo is better. It was chicken pox. Eventually four of the eight babies at day care contracted it. One parent also contracted chicken pox, and I hear she is miserable. Patient Four is still out of day care after a week and a half. I'd say excluded from child care for two weeks is a pretty sure bet. We're not totally out of the incubation period yet so more could come down with it still.

Mr. Long-Suffering and I took turns working from home during the illness. Chuckles stayed in day care so we could actually work during naptime. I got a solid 6 hours of work done per day. Not bad, but exhausting.

Quarantine was awfully boring. I'm glad I don't like in the age of diphtheria. I don't think I could handle the yellow card. I took Bobo in the car to drop Chuckles off at day care (but he stayed in the car...I was right there 15 feet away at the door...still outside). I took him for walks in the great outdoors, but mostly, we just stayed home. Boring. My mom and dad came to visit to break up the monotony. My in-laws avoided us like we had the plague. My mother-in-law claims she's never had the chicken pox, but both her kids did and she has worked in a school for 20 years, so she's either had it or has super immunity some other way. So, we were pretty isolated. I suppose I could've updated the blog, but I felt isolation was the safest course of action. For you. I'm trying to protect you, my one blog reader. Don't you feel special now?

Eight years ago today, I wore a really pretty silver dress and a little tiara thing and I got hitched to Mr. Long-Suffering. Tonight, I plan on trying my wedding dress on to make sure it still fits. Then, if he's lucky, I might take the dress off. Who knows? On a weeknight, even.

The weather turned colder, and I started cooking again. The tomatoes are in the garden and I made a pot of chili. I also made chicken marsala for the first time ever and nom, nom, nom, can't stop eating to was so good. The recipe is long and easy and one of the ingredients is Holland House cooking Marsala. Who knew? I also made garlic mashed potatoes with potatoes from Chuckles's little garden plot. He found digging in the dirt for "prizes" to be a lot of fun. And I turned a 2-foot long zucchini into 48 muffins. Mmmmm. Some of them had chocolate chips.

Oh, and I crock potted a chicken in just water and made homemade babyfood with chicken, broccoli, and sweet potatoes in the food processor. It tastes like a little slice of Thanksgiving heaven. Bobo wants nothing to do with it. I'll eat it.

Speaking of Bobo...when is he going to stop eating over night? He was so over that, and now here we are again. I guess I don't mind too much as long as he sleeps through the night every once ina while. Again, speaking of Bobo, he is master of the army crawl and thinks sitting it for losers. All teh cool kids are standing this season. And so, he stands. All the time. Which is fine because I don't hang out behind him. He has to do it all on his own.

Now since I'm all about equal time, I will tell you that I requested they evaluate Chuckles to see whether he should be in kindergarten. He's no where near the birthday age cut-off. He turned 4 in May. He just seems so ready. So, I asked for an eval. And if they say yes, he starts the Tuesday after Labor Day. And if they say no, that's fine too. And if the say yes and it doesn't work out, that's ok too. Easygoing. He asked me to teach him to read and I just don't have the time. Literally. It's horrible. With meals, baths, nursing, and other things that absolutely must get done while both kids are awake, I do not have the time to teach Chuckles to read. So, I am outsourcing it I guess. Oh well. We'll see how it goes and what happens. I'm letting it unfold in an organic way. Or something lowkey and laid back.

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