Friday, November 06, 2009

I asked for this, didn't I?

So, I see a couple posts down here I asked Bobo to take up explosive pooping. He has done this. With gusto. Unfortunately, as a trade-off, he has not given up the night-waking and if anything, he has redoubled his efforts to end nighttime sleep as we know it.

It's not his fault. He had a secondary bacterial infection with his swine flu. He had strep pneumo serotype unknown which led to sepsis and bacteremia. It was a bad scene at our house from Monday through Thursday morning. Bad scene. With a capital Z. Bad. Cultures have been taken and re-taken. Blood has been drawn. Many different kinds of oral and injectible antibiotics have been administered (in addition to his Tamiflu). Poor kid looks pretty rough. But, he's on the mend, I guess. I hope. Now, we just wait and see if the rest of us get it. Cross fingers.

I have a friend coming to clean my house. Yes, I know, I am such a plutocrat I cannot clean my own freakin' house. I get it. We've been sick. And have jobs and kids and well, I have justified it enough to myself. So, anyway, I am using a friend for this because my regular, occasional cleaning lady doesn't do evenings and weekends and that's about the only time I have to let her in. So, I have a friend doing it. And that's kind of weird, because we live in squalor and I don't really want my friend to think we're dirty (but I am so beyond the point of pre-cleaning before someone comes to clean...I must straighten and put things away so she can find the dirty surfaces to clean...that is enough for me). But, I did feel it necessary to warn her that there is hair all over our house (cat and human) and not the nice, clean, inoocent, blonde straight kind of hair either...the dark, curly kind. But I swear, we're not a houseful of dirty nudists. My husband just has a lot of arm and leg hair that falls off. I swear. (I am reminded and horrified of a Simpsons episode where Marge wins a cleaning lady and finds it necessary to pre-clean in a major way before they get there and judge her.)


  1. i liked your blog right up until u said you didnt support universal health care. hopefully ull never lose your job or your husband or your great health insurance. so how does this work? you only get life saving medical treatment if u can afford it? youve been working for a mindless corporation too long. reminds me of the christians who used to say babies who werent baptized werent going to heaven. its all luck of the draw huh?

  2. I still like your blog. People need to PLAN BETTER AND GET AN EDUCATION AND THEN GET A JOB WITH HEALTHCARE. STOP SITTING AROUND EXPECTING TO BE TAKEN CARE OF BY THE GOVERNMENT. Or better yet, stop having children that you cannot afford. It's not hard, simple math actually. Sorry, Anonymous, you have lost. In so many ways.