Saturday, January 02, 2010

Merry and Bright

Well, Bobo started walking on New Year's Eve. I had high hopes for that night. I figured if it was learning to walk that was screwing with his sleep, then now we should be ....not just good but golden. And I thought it was be karmic or cosmic or something if he slept through since last year on New Year's Eve, he slept through for the first time ever (and what also feels like the last time). But it was not to be.

12:02 am 2010: Welcome to Kabul (bang, pow, explode, bang, pow, boom, ooohhhh, ahhhh, pretty fireworks, BOOM)
12:02:30 Bobo: Wahhhhhh!
1:17 Chuckles: Mama, I hafta go potty and you need to tuck me back in afterward so I will have good dreams.
2:24 Lisa the Chatty Cat: Hork, hork, ((jump)) puke (fortunately, she jumped off the bed and puked on the hardwood floor)
2:25 SarcastiCarrie: scrub scrub scrub the floor
5:30 Bobo: Wahhhhhh!
5:31 SarcastiCarrie: I'll make the bottle if you give it...
5:32 SarcastiCarrie: ZZZZZzzzzzzz
5:35-6:37 Mr. Long-Suffering: Shhhhh, go sleepies. Go sleepies.

And then, I made pancakes and went to the grocery store with only one child and bought some discount champagne. Going places with only one child feels so easy nowadays.

I did nurse on New Year's Day (to get the nice early nap since Bobo got up so early and we had somewhere to be in the early afternoon), so I did my breastfeeding 2008-2010 thing.

Then, we went to a party and watched by alma mateur lose their Bowl Game three times in overtime. It was....exciting and ultimately disappointing. But good. And during the game, I sent a text message (only my second ever) to people who were at the game.

And if I ever find that sumbitch who blew off fireworks for 30 minutes in the middle of the night, so help me, I will put a bottle rocket in each of his pockets and wish him a happy new year.

Wishing you a happy new year (either twenty-ten or two-thousand ten, depending on which side of the debate you happen to support....I am like Switzerland on this important long as you don't say two-thousand and ten, I am fine.).


  1. This is my first New Year's Eve with a baby, and it is funny how a baby who never sleeps changes your perspective on fireworks. I'm considering a manhunt myself.

  2. Ah, the fireworks. I usually miss living by the beach, but not on "special" days. My old neighborhood was a college-kid packed party zone. My new neighborhood is much more sedate. The average age of my neighbors is about 75.

    I hope Bobo figures out the sleep thing soon.

  3. Twenty-ten and I'd like to give that firework send off to the person whose car alarm went off all night (some escalating three beep g-d awful noise). I can only assume he/she/they were gone for the night.