Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tales of My Awesome May Have Been Overstated

Do you remember when I said how awesome underwires were in supporting me in my curvy goodness?

Well, that might have been true 2 days after weaning, but here 7 weeks post-wean, things have settled down a little. Ok, a lot. And gotten smaller. Lots smaller. And lower. And possibly, things have disappeared completely when I lie on my back.

I have never been a huge supporter of the Mirena (well, I was before I got one of my own). Six weeks post-wean, I erupted in pimples. Zits, really. It was so bad Chuckles/Chip asked me if I had chicken pox. I'm using a six-part Proactiv-like regimen to keep them at bay that is keeping the pimples down but also inadvertently drying the skin immediately adjacent to the offending zits. It's lovely. And ashy.

I am thirty-fricken-four years old, and I've broken out like I'm 15 again. So, does the Clearasil go under or over the anti-wrinkle cream?

I had an ultrasound to try and figure out why I have bled every day since having the Mirena inserted. There is no reason, apparently. I think I'm going to have it removed and go back on the Pill. I was on Lybrel, I think, and I could go 4-6 months with no periods (and no spotting) and no (not many, at least) pimples. This is for the birds. My doctor and nurse practitioner both agree that a non-smoking woman (like me) can safely be on the Pill after 35.

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