Monday, November 01, 2010


I ran another 5k over the weekend. I improved my time almost 3 minutes. From 40:11 to 37:14.

Many people ran in costume. I chased a giant M&M for 3 miles. I vowed that if I caught her, I could take a bite. Will run for chocolate. Four or five guys dressed up as KISS (in full jumpsuits, wigs, make-up, and carrying guitars). They also ran it under 20 minutes, so impressive all around. The guy who ran in the 70-and-over age bracket beat my time, but I'm closing in on him. The best costume though was a Golden Retriever dressed up as a frilly pink poodle.

Today? My legs are like Twizzlers. And every time one of my joints in my knee or hip is bent, it’s like Crunch. Even my Skittles have been jostled into Mounds. I've been trying to think of myself as Good-N-Plenty, but some days, I just feel Chunky. But Mr. Long-Suffering thinks I'm cute and the kids give me a Bit-O-Honey, which makes me feel Almond Joy and sends my feelings into the Milky Way. They really are my 3 Musketeers. Now all I need is a Pay Day for a 100 Grand, and I will be all set like Baby Ruth.


  1. Theres a reason I get so excited when your blog pops up in my reader.

    Congrats on improving your time. You have the sticktoitiveness of...laffy taffy?

  2. This is awesome.

    Although I may have been a bit demoralized by not being able to catch a giant M&M...I can't imagine running one of these in that sort of costume! But then, I have exercise induced asthma, and usually find that my lungs give out on me before my cardiac fitness does, so my view on running is a bit skewed. As in, I suck at it, even when I'm at my most fit.