Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I forgot Number 11

This should have been front-and-center in my last post.   It is such giant, important, earth-shattering news, I cannot believe I forgot to mention it.

Houston, we have a loose tooth.

Chuckles has been claiming loose teeth since the beginning of kindergarten as kids in his class were dropping teeth left and right.  I assured him the average age of losing the first tooth was 6.5 and that he was doing just fine.  And yet he'd still make me try to wiggle things that weren't even the slightest bit wiggly. 

So, when he told me he had a loose tooth Monday morning, I was skeptical, but I dutifully stuck my index finger in his mouth and poked at his bottom, front tooth.  And it moved.  Ewwww. 

I was so proud and sad.  My kid is losing his BABY teeth.  That means he's not a baby anymore.  Why I would be proud, I have no idea because even naughty, disrespectful kids lose their baby teeth, but that's what I was.

I assured Chuckles that Santa and the Tooth Fairy are old friends, and if they both have to visit our house Saturday night, that would be fine (they might even enjoy catching up and the Tooth Fairy will remind Santa to brush after a night of cookie-eating). 

I went to work and told all my coworkers about my discovery, and then asked them what the tooth fairy was paying these days.  We've settled on a $2 bill for the first tooth and a Sacajewa dollar coin (if available) for each additional tooth.

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