Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fun With Hats

The weather turned nice and I have just now realized that Bobo is of northern-European ancestry. The boy has strawberry blonde hair and turns blotchy red at the mere hint of it getting above 70 degrees in the house. And he started getting itty bitty baby beads of sweat on his nose. It's only April. I think he may spontaeously combust come July. Perhaps we can harness his power and gain our energy independence by August.

Chuckles noticed that there was no frost on the driveway and wanted to be outside in shorts and a T-shirt and mom-can-we-use-the-hose-and-get-all-wet. So, the kids are....differently suited for the seasons. Chuckles is a year-round hearty type. I think Bobo may prefer the more indoor pursuits. Time will tell.

I was cleaning out the garage (see also glorious weather) and came upon a hat box (do you remember hat boxes?) from Marshall Fields (do you remember Fields?). In the box were three high-fashion hats (one green velvet with a pheasant feather, one black with some kind of protruding protuberance, and the 3rd looked like something Barbra Streisand would have worn in a movie) from the 50s or 60s, one pair of ladies evening gloves, wrist-length, black, covered in rhinestones, and a black dress purse with change purse inside. Chuckles and I then proceeded to garden while wearing fetching hats.

Our older lady neighbor thought we were lovely, and told us a story about the last hat she bought in 1974. Mr. Long-Suffering found it tolerable and funny, and my mother-in-law thinks I am trying to turn her grandson gay. As if you can turn people gay from hats! Obviously, it's not the hats that turn boys's playing with dolls. I jest. Anyway, we looked lovely. And now I miss my grandmother less since the hats still smelled like her dusting powder after 11 years in my garage.

In other news, I am very thrifty and someone was about to throw away 3 pounds of perfectly good meat, so I took it and brought it home and cooked it up and that is why we had spaghetti with meat sauce for dinner. (I know....they were throwing away perfectly good meat!)

Bobo is turning 4 in about 10 days. Next weekend is the party. Today, I made a pinata out of a Trader Joe's paper bag with handles reinforced with duct tape. The bag is filled with fruit leather, Matchbox cars, assorted balls, whoopie cushions, stickers, and a few pieces of candy. An odd assortment to be sure. Hopefully, next week I can write that a good time was had by most if not all.

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