Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Chuckles is 4 and I have been crying ALL DAY

Today, at 4:31 pm, Chuckles turned 4 years old. 4 years ago (05-05-05) I had an 8-lb 3-ounce, 21.5" baby boy yanked from my belly kind of blue, not breathing, and a little lifeless. This morning, I heard a 39-pound, 39" tall walking, talking, breathing boy get out of bed to go potty at 10 after 6. I am so lucky.

Today, this morning, Chuckles started pre-K and I have been crying ever since. Pre-K is the big leagues and they don't baby you in the big leagues. There is supposed to be no crying in baseball, but I've been crying all day. It started with his ding. Hig DING. If you're new here, his ding is favorite blankie which he named ding at some point in his life. They tell me he can either have his ding at school or he can have it at hom ebut he can't bring it every morning and take it home every night because of something something regulations about they need to wash it. I do wash. I actually have two dings (after the great ding disaster of January 2007), but he doesn't like to leave his ding any where and only one ding it out at any given time (after the other great ding disaster of 2007 (the one involving the ER waiting room and vomit)). So, having a ding at home in rotation and a ding at school in rotation just isn't working for us, but rules is rules and I loves me some rules so we'll see what I can do.

And well, it all went downhill from there because I don't sleep and I'm tired and my baby is 4 and well, i'm rambling but i'm sure you can see why i am deeply troubled by all of this. OK, so now that it's all typed here it doesn't sound that bad, but they don't remind the kids to potty before nap and they won't help in the potty if a button needs to be done or undone or if the kid needs help wiping (not really an issue for us since Chuckles will wait to poop at home...always and comically). His handwriting is good and he's learning to read more words. All-in-al I'm sure pre-K will be a fine experience for him. It's me I am worried about.

Oh and I got a report on Bobo from his school today. The report said he was fussy and needed his binky more today. And then I looked and he had only had three 20-minute naps. This child usually gets 2-4 hours of daytime sleep. He had only gotten one. Put him down for a nap. Dude, raising children is not rocket science. I even write on his chart every day that he rarely stays awake for more than 2 hours at a stretch. He just doesn't.

OK, rant is over. Oh, except we served tacos at Chuckles's birthday party and I have had tacos 2 meals/day since Saturday and I am truly happy about that. Good night.

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