Tuesday, April 13, 2010

There is Much That Needs to Be Said

Well, actually, there is not. But that will not stop me. I will not be deterred.

Chuckles contracted strep throat which sent us to Urgent Care on Thursday night. He ws a sobbing, mommy-loving, whimpering mess. I knew things were bad when he didn't want to eat his bribe, errr, medicinal rich, chocolate frostie from Wendy's. I wish I had followed my mommy instincts and brought him in on Wednesday but a kid with a sore throat and a 99-degree "fever" is not really something that would send most people to the doctor. Of course, most people have not memorized the vacation schedule for the pediatrician's office.

Friday I went to the pediatrician with Bobo for his M-CHAT. We're off of high alert for autism for the time being. We're going for a speech-language pathology work-up thing with the county's early intervention. This could wind up in speech therapy. That would be super. While Bobo and I were out having our one-on-one time at the Ped, the grandmas were at home with Chip.

When I returned from work Friday and gave Chuckles a bath, I noticed a rash. Friday evening is the worst time to discover anything wrong with your child because the on-call schedule has no pediatrician on Friday evening (Christmas, yes...Friday night, no). Anyway, a call to the on-call nurse and doctor and a new script for a different antibiotic was called in, but I didn't fill it.

I waited for Saturday to come around. I walked past the pharmacy on our way to see our pediatrician who was on-call on Saturday. The rash was Scarlet Fever. Really? Really? Who develops Scarlet Fever after already being on antibiotics for strep throat? Who does? Chuckles. That is who. So, I swung by the pharmacy to let them know I wouldn't be filling the script for amoxicillin that was called in Friday night. They mixed it with the water when I walked in the door figuring I was going to pick it up. Pink stuff, wasted. Oh well.

So, how frequent of a flyer do you have to be for the pharmacy staff to recognize you?

Anway, Easter was grand. The Bunny brought new Binkies for Bobo and a Transformer and underpants for Chip. There was a restrained amount of candy and the Grandmas kept themselves under control on the basket front as well. And my BFF gave the kdis Easter Bags and they were just so very very happy about it. It turns out Bobo has a mad love affair with crayons. Mad, I tell you. Give the kid a pen and some paper in the waiting room and he's amused for a good 15 minutes. Also, let him play in the sink in the exam room...another 15 minutes. And then, only another 40 minutes of waiting time to fill. I kid...it was only 37 minutes more.

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