Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I believe in Latin, they call it "errata"

Anyway, I bought a new bathing suit at Costco because I hadn't gotten a new one (that wasn't maternity) in a while. It's nice. I bought a suit without trying it on first. It's a tankini with a modest brief bottom. I'm thinking of getting my first ever bikini wax. Good idea or Epic Fail? Opinions welcome. Did I mention that the Mirena is making me less estrogen-rich so I have extra hair? Please factor this in to your decision both on a grooming and pain front.

Bobo had his hearing test. The good news is: He's not completely deaf. The neutral news: It's really hard to test an uncooperative 17-month old. The bad news: There might be some hearing loss but it's inconclusive at this time. M-CHAT next Friday.

In other Bobo news: he said "ITE" which I am pretty sure meant (dome) light. So, he speaks. I think. Probably. It must be more than a coincidence.

In Chuckles news:
Last weekend, Chuckles sat on my lap (while I was trying to work) and dictated an email to the Easter Bunny which I dutifully recorded here and saved as a DRAFT. Here I am providing it to you in its entirety.


Dear Easter Bunny,

I have been very good since Christmas. I promise to keep my underpants dry and put all of my pee in the toilet. I will not wait until some drops of pee come out first before I go. ALL of my pee will go in the potty.

I would like

Sentinel Prime
Or any other Transformers you think I would like, Easter Bunny.
I would also like some candy since I have been good.

I want you to know that I love you, Easter Bunny. My brother has been good and he should get something too.


Chuckles Jay Long-Suffering

Chuckles just started to read last weekend and now no one is safe. Every sign, every billboard, every time I say c-a-n-d-y or c-o-o-k-i-e is now subjected to phonics and me being caught. Must become better person, pronto!

Have I mentioned that Bobo is really smart? I think in all my talk about his various and sundry routine medical issues, I have not captured his essence enough. He is really bright. And not in the my-child-is-a-genius sense, but in the totally objective opinion of outside observers like his grandparents and doctors. OK, so maybe his grandparents aren't he most impartial observers.

Anyway, three quick stories to illustrate my point.
My sister-in-law and her almost-one-year old were over. She was feeding her son and Bobo watermelon chunks. Bobo was wandering around and periodically grazing. My nephew was in the high chair. He swung his head from side-to-side and she asked him if he was all done. Bobo came over, got the tupperware lid, put it on the tupperware (on the table over his head), walked over to the fridge, opened the door (with help), put it on the shelf, slid it back while doing that adorable toddler crouching thing, then closed the refrigerator door. All done, indeed.

The other day, Bobo was in his high chair and looking out our kitchen window toward our backyard. As soon as he was let down, he walked to the front door, got his shoes and sat on the steps to be shoed. Shoes were placed on his feet by bewildered parents. He then stood by the door. Patiently waiting. The door was opened and he went outside. He proceeded to walk around the house to the backyard and pointed at the baby swing on the swingset. Boy wanted to go swinging. So, for the M-CHAT question about whether you child is able to communicate his desires, I think I'll answer "yes".

During his hearing test, one of the audiologists sat in the booth with him trying to get him to look forward so they could gauge whether he turned his head toward the sounds at his sides as opposed to just looking around. At one point, she put an elephant puppet on her hand. He is the first child in their combined experience to lift the puppet up to find the audiologist's hand. Of course, he was more interested in the missing hand than in the noise that just came out of speaker-left.


  1. Aww your children sound precious. And that's great news about the hearing test.

    On the waxing front, I don't think it is as painful as people make it out to be as long as it is done by a professional. I tried to wax my legs myself once and if you ever saw that episode of Friends when Pheobe and Monica tried it, that's pretty much an accurate rendition of my experience.

  2. Regarding waxing - a few years ago in preparation for going to Mexico - I went for my first bikini wax...which turned into my first brazilian wax because i didn't understand what the lady was asking me and i just said yes. so there is that. but best thing ever and if i ever save $80 again for something for me - i'd do it again in a heartbeat!

  3. Good Morning - visiting via alittlepregnant. Re: wax - take advil before you go, really not that bad. Watch for ingrown hairs (use tendskin to avoid) and know that waxes 'work the best' after a few times, once all the hair growing at different rates has been removed. Enjoying your blog.