Sunday, March 07, 2010

What's For Dinner?

It's been a long time since I've told the blogosphere what I'm cooking and eating.

Tonight I made lasagna for the adults and whole wheat penne with meat sauce (and parmesan cheese sprinkled liberally by the children) for the children. The adults had Menage a Trois red wine from Costco and salad from a bag with artichoke hearts and a two vinegars dressing. The kids got milk (skim for the older, 2% for the medium, and soy for the littles). The kids got Very Cherry Mixed Fruit instead of salad. I know the cherries have color added, I know. But everyone in the entire world loves maraschine cherries. Everyone. It is the law. No one got garlic bread because it wasn't getting done so I clicked the broiler on "just for a second". Well, about 90 seconds later (really, just a minute and a half), the smoke detector went off. I set it on the railing of the back porch for the duration.

Lastly, I served up one two-layer heart-shaped funfetti cake with funfetti frosting and a giant 9 with 9 candles and one two-layer round yellow cake with new 'homemade' chocolate frosting recipe frosting and a 58th on it with one candle. There was much singing (for my nine-year old sister and my 58-year old father) and one Zhu-Zhu pet in a gift bag.

Then, my other sister sat down at the table to do her homework. I dazzled her with my knowledge of SOH CAH TOA and arcsines and arctangents and cosecants. My brain hurt when I was done, but I remembered enough that I am pretty sure I will be able to help my own kids with their homework when the time comes. I also smacked my brother in the head when he made the crack about how he'd help our sister with her homework since he had taken geometry in the last forty (or fourteen) years. Little pipsqueak.

All in all, it was a perfect family evening.

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