Thursday, March 11, 2010

Did I Kick Him in the Gut?

I have a new saying: "Another Day, Another Co-Pay"

But on to something else....

The other morning, as I was driving the kids to school the topic of who goes to what school came up and who goes to Big School and preschool and whatnot. Anyway, Mr. Long-Suffering went to pre-school in the church where he and I married. He told this story to Chuckles who thought that was pretty neat.

And not to be outdone, I mentioned that I, too, went to pre-school in a church (probably the last time I ever regularly was in a church). And further to that, I mentioned that it was the church in which my parents were married. You know, Mimi and Grandpa. But, uh oh. Mimi and Grandpa aren't married to eachother (anymore for like 25 years). Mimi is married to Papa and Grandpa is married to Grannie.

Well, then Chuckles asked a series of rapid fire questions about how those people could be my parents (which he has known for a long time) and were married but aren't married and I think he was going to cry right there in the car. So, I quickly got my act together and said that mommy and daddy love eachother very much and we're staying married and we love you (and your brother), and Mimi and Grandpa both love me and love you very much and will always love you (and buy you presents and play with you). And you also get extra people to love you like Grannie and Papa.

And then I said what divorce was and just matter-of-factly started naming people we know who are divorced or whose parents are divorced (and every time I followed it up with how much everyone loves each other).

Whew. I'm exhausted.


  1. Gack! Boy, you have to think fast on your feet sometimes...

  2. I am a little terrified of this age that we're coming to, where Pumpkin understands things, but not really... and expects us to explain them.

    And to make matters worse, I'm married to someone who can't help but turn these things into opportunities for jokes, which infuriates me. (But I love Daddy very much, Pumpkin. And we both love you and Petunia very much.)


  3. I'm so glad to see a good conversation about this. My husband's and my parents are divorced. With the added dimension of Husband's mother having a female partner for nearly 30 years and my father and his male partner of 3 years. My mother has recently begun to seriously date someone too. No word on my father in law, except for a new puppy (or two) in his immediate future! We are completely surrounded by divorce and I've often wondered how I can assure my children that Dad & Mom are a package deal for good. Good job on saying more people to love you and being very matter of fact about it. Thank you!