Monday, September 19, 2011


Here's the promised photos whose copyright I now own. I can't believe how young we look.

It's a conspiracy. Blogger will not upload photos right now. I'll wait and try again.

OK, I'm back. Let's try again. Insert Image. Browse. Wait. Spin little symbol. Spin.

These are not the photos I wanted to share, but the good ones are bitmaps.  Blogger does not support .bmp files, just proving that I was married a long, long time ago.

I'm ten weeks tomorrow, and I have a doctor's appointment (with the man in the practice).  I hope we get the thump thump on Doppler.  I'll ask about continuing the progesterone.  I'll ask about getting the NT screen (I got one with Bobo but finding a provider was a bit of an ordeal...of course now, I know where I can go).

I was negative for the toxoplasmosis (I believe it was reported as less than 0.9) and our cat, Lisa the Loud, has been treating our whole house as a littler box, so it's awesome to walk past a pile a cat poop and not be able to clean it up (doesn't sound so bad until you realize sometimes my husband isn't home and it can be hours with crap in the middle of the floor and me keeping two very active kids out of it).  Lisa is very sick.  That's what I keep telling the kids.  One day, Lisa might go to live on a farm.  For now, I'm going to go lock her in the basement while I sleep lest she poop on my bed.

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