Thursday, September 29, 2011

Stupid is as Stupid Does

Well, we told the kids about Muse.  It might seem a little early since I think we waited until about 7 months to tell Chuckles about Bobo, and if Bobo were our only child, I'm sure we could have waited again.  BUT...we have Chuckles, and he point-blank asked me why my tummy was so big. haven't even seen big yet.  Also, we were going to see all the grandparents that weekend and I am in maternity pants pretty much full-time now.  Someone would've said something.

So, we told the kids on Friday night (after pumping them full of pizza and ice cream because we like to soften a blow).*  Bobo was like, "La la la, babies are tiny, let's build with Duplo riiiiight now!"  Which is really kind of how he rolls. 

Chuckles was nearly in tears.  He said he didn't want a baby and hated the baby.  At toothbrushing time, he elbowed me in the stomach because he said he wanted to hurt the baby**.  He was promptly and unceremoniously tossed into time-out (I would like to point out how nurturing and reassuring of my love I was prior to that lest you think, "Of course, he reacted chose the baby over him").  In the morning, he was a little better but told me he had a nightmare about the baby turning into a monster and trying to get him.  However last night, he was looking forward to me taking an extended maternity leave and being home next summer.  He even was trying to come up with names for the baby.  He's adjusting.  We all are.

Bobo, however, would still like you to build with him, OK.

* Our entire little family of 4 went out for dinner at Pizza Hut and then for ice cream at the local stand for under $20 including tax and tip because of the magic of coupons (and the tip was on the pre-discount amount).  I hadn't been to Pizza Hut in about a year, and really, it's not awful (for a once a year kind of thing).

** You can see why this took me almost a week to write it up.  I was a little stunned, kind of saddened, and maybe a wee bit horrified that I was raising the next sociopath.  I had to wait to find out how the story ended.

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