Monday, October 03, 2011

We interrupt the regularly scheduled programming

Tomorrow is the nuchal ultrasound, but in the mean time, let's talk about other stuff.

First, an apology to my friend.  I nearly killed her with my evil eye when she said that morning sickness would only last another 3 weeks - tops.  But she was right.  I'm feeling much better.  In fact, I ate some actual vegetables and fruits in the last week.  Normally, I eat tons of fruits and veggies and yet....just not in the last month or 6 weeks because ick ick, gross, blech.  I have a terrible sweet tooth and wanted nothing to do with sweets, but please pass the chips and salsa and also the salt shaker.  What do you mean we don't even own a salt shaker?  So, that's improving.

With the no longer constant nausea, I have started to do things around the house again.  Things like scrub toilets, wipe counters, iron clothing, and prepare food that requires more than just being heated into the microwave.  I spent 2 hours this weekend sewing badges onto Chuckles's new (and highly prized) cub scout uniform.  My son is now a part of a Christian paramilitary organization.  I'm highly conflicted, but he is really cute in his neckerchief.  And he's totally excited about a rocket launch and something about crossbow target practice.  And selling popcorn.  I need a thimble.

Since I had told my children and all my various parents about Muse, I decided to tell my boss because I am pretty sure that if you actually look at me it is completely obvious.  My clothing has become quite comical as I attempt to hide my rotund-ness.  I sit behind a desk though and rarely see any actual people (I do a lot of email and telephone) so I don't think it was ridiculous - yet.  I haven't taken to carrying a box of files in front of me at all times....yet. 

We're awaiting a re-org at work. Apparently I was up for a promotion (that I do not want and have told everyone I don't want it, and yet somehow they were still considering me for it).  I figured if I told my boss about Muse that would derail any plans of a promotion.  Apparently not.  They are having succession planning meetings today, and my boss asked me if he was OK to go public with my "secret".  My boss is awesome.  I told him that was fine if he thought it would help keep me from the promotion (of course now, they probably have to give it to me to avoid pregnancy discriminiation lawsuits).  Wish me luck on all kinds of things.

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