Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Most Confusing Ultrasound I've Ever Had

So....I went to the awesome perinatalogy practice today for my nuchal translucency test.  The sonographer started by telling me I would have blood drawn and the computer model results if she could get the measurements she needed.  Ahhh, so I knew then that I would get the blood tests.  Good.  Uncertainty ended.
So I lay back and noticed and awesome second monitor on the wall showing the images.  Awesome!  Then she put the transducer on me and whammo.  A baby.  Moving.  Yay.  She took the first measurement.  I had googled it and found that the CRL should have been about 52 mm at 12 weeks with a NT of 1.46 (at 50th percentile).  The crown rump length (CRL) measured over 100 mm (4").  Then she measured the head diameter.  Heartbeat was a nice strong 153 bpm.  Then she said she couldn't do the NT measurement because the baby was too big. 

What the heck?!?!?  She then took measurements on CRL, head diameter, femur.  All the results came back saying I am either 15w3d or 15w4d.  What the heck?!?!?  I had a period July 12th.  I remember it well.  Heck, I blogged it.  You are all my witnesses.  However, I am approximately a month more pregnant than I thought.  I had thought this was my first pregnancy without first trimester bleeding.  Guess not!  I don't know whether that was implantation bleeding or miscarrying a twin or something else, but apparently, I was pregnant then (and water skiing, going down water slides, drinking like a fish since I had my period on a not-so-great vacation, and taking anti-inflammatories and allergy medicine (and prenatal vitamins too, but still)). 

I started crying.  Because once I have an  image and a plan in my mind, it's just hard for me to recalibrate.  No wonder I am comically large for only 12 weeks.  It's because I'm 15 and a half weeks.  Yesterday I actually thought I felt movement but told myself that was not possible yet because I wasn't even 12 weeks yet.  Hah!  Totally possible.

I need to call my regular doctor and get the regular multiple marker/sequential/triple/quad screening blood drawn since I am pretty sure you do that now.  They said we'd discuss it at my next appoinement, but I'll be 18 weeks then.  So I probably need to get that drawn before then.

So, I scheduled my anatomy scan with the perinatalogists for 21 weeks in early November.

Oh, and Muse is a boy because I am far enough along that you can tell that the baby is a boy.  What the heck?!?!

My three sons. 


  1. So that means you are already in your second trimester! Yeah! (I'm always trying for the bright side.)

    Three boys will be so fun!

  2. That would have thrown me for a loop, too. I hope that the morning sickness clears up soon now that you're in your second trimester!

  3. I'd be frustrated about having to miss the NT, but I'm all in favor of skipping forward a few weeks. That part is brilliant.

  4. Wow!! Good news or bad news that would have made me cry, too.

  5. So you're now due, end of March/beginning of April? COOL! Aries child :)