Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Baby Names as a form of distraction

We’re going to talk baby names because I have an ultrasound this afternoon to follow up on echogenic whatsits and ccervical lengthamajigs, and we are la-la-la I can’t hear you.

So, baby names. I believe in naming children after family members, and I am not really a fan of anything trendy (no Caydens, no Braydens). However, Trend-Alert: I hear that traditional names are making a roaring comeback. So maybe I am a trendsetter after all since both Bobo and Chuckles have real-life, non-clown names that would be fit for a king (or a president, pro-athlete, accountant, or farmer).

Also, we’ve pretty much run out of family names because the Italian tradition of naming kids after family members means that many of the names in the family are repeats. With only the boys’ four names, we’ve already honored my father, my step-father, my husband, my father-in-law and his mother’s brother and father, my mother-in-law’s father and both her brothers, and my mother’s brother.

I’ve consulted nymbler and used our names as inspiration. Anyway, please combine the following suggestions in some order to come up with a good name. Or, better yet, suggest similar names that you like.



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  1. I'm partial to John as a first name. It goes with almost any middle name. My dad's name is John Mitchell feel free to take it. Tate was close to being John something and I was going to call him Jack like my grandfather. Also, Judge John Minor Wisdom did great things for the country. I love that name.

    Hope the ultrasound is good, uneventful, stress relieving.