Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Getting Closer

I had my 36.5 week ob visit.  All was well.  The swelling is considered typical, the pelvic pain is also typical (typical,  but OMG ouch!).  Everything else is swimming along.  I do not currently weigh more than my husband, though I still have 12 days to go.  I was told to come back in 2 weeks or call if I had any problems in the meantime.  I was like, "Really, come back...how about I just meet you in the operating room in 2.5 weeks?"  "No.  See you in 2 weeks."  Ok then.

I bought a Kindle Fire last night.  I know!  Such a frivolous purchase.  And yet, with about 4 hours/day that will be spent nursing in the next few weeks, I would love a one-handed reading option, so I bought it.  Should arrive tomorrow. 

I was emailing with a friend and I wrote:  "I nearly forgot that I have to keep this baby alive and the only thing that will keep him breathing is my constant vigilance and staring at him really, really hard.  How did I forget that part of new-mom neurosis?"  It's funny because it's true.  That is how new moms feel (at least in the beginning).  I wonder if it hits you the same way when you're on your third as on your first and second.

The impending arrival of a third child has had me madly googling things like "narrow car seat", "narrow booster seat", "three across car seat".  Let's just say that it hasn't been very fruitful.  I have no problem buying all new car seats, but I can't see how I will get three of them across even if I buy new ones.  The Chicco Keyfit seems to be the narrowest infant carrier.  Then maybe the Sunshine Kids Radian for the forward facing car seat.  Most of the narrow booster seats are unavailable or discontinued.  I could get Chuckles a Radian, but he might be nearing the weight limit of that seat.  For the record, I love his Graco Nautilus 3-in-1 that harnesses to 65 pounds and then works to 100 pounds.  It's awesome.  Awesome and wide.

So, I stumbled on a solution for everyone else's car for short trips. It's the Bubblebum Inflatable booster seat.  It doesn't seem nearly sturdy enough for every day or long trip use, but I think it will do nicely in a pinch if someone needs to pick Chuckles up from school if he's sick and bring him the 3/4 mile home.

I saw a picture a man took of three car seats installed in the back of a Prius so I am pretty sure I can do it in my much larger car, but I need to go to the store and install them all before I buy them to make sure they work.  Do they let you do that at Babies R Us?  Their return policy is terrible, so I would really want to be sure before I bought them.  Amazon has an awesome return policy on car seats but that seems like a lot of effort to return and get new ones sent, etc.  I have enough car seats and configurations that it's not an emergency, but it's not ideal (someone will have to enter the vehicle via the tailgate because with car seats installed, the flip-and-fold seats neither flip nor fold to allow access to the third row).


  1. I don't usually post here, but I follow your blog. I learned when I had my own surprise 3rd (2005, 2007, 2011) that for 3 across in a small car, It's chicco keyfit and two sunshine kids. My 6yo hates that she can't be in a regular booster seat, but she's 80% for height, and she still has 3 inches to grow in the sunshine kids radian xlst or whatever it's called. You could also bypass the chicco keyfit and do 3 radians using the seat positioner the compan that owns radian kids (diono?) sells on their website to do a rear-facing radian. I am terrified of when the 6yo outgrows the radian because we will then need a new car. All the best! My surprise baby will be a year old in 5 days, and I have loved every minute of her. Enjoy!

  2. We use the Sunshine Kids Radians (company is now called Diono, BTW) and we don't even need the narrow footprint. They are awesome seats, and good for travel (although a bit heavy, they fold flat and will always fit in the airplane seat). We like them so much that we just bought two more when my husband had an accident thereby necessitating the replacement of both car seats in that car.

    Downside is that they are lower, so kid can't see out the window as well, but that hasn't bothered either of my kids. Also, it makes them easier to climb into, which my toddler loves. Upside is that they are rated to 85 lbs or something ridiculous like that. At that rate, I'm not sure we'll ever actually buy a booster seat.

    Good luck with the last couple of weeks. Those are the hardest, in my opinion. I was just ready to be DONE.