Thursday, March 01, 2012


My mom called me the other day (at work) to tell me she got a smartphone. Then she asked for my cell phone number.

I said, “No, I’m not giving it to you.”

She said, “But now I can text you.”

I responded, “Exactly, but I don’t have a good text package, and you’re a local call. Just call me if you need me. I’m not going to pay 20 cents so you can text me.”

She has my home and work numbers. (I can’t believe someone gave her my work number…it’s like they don’t even know how I try to limit the ways she can reach me because she doesn’t do boundaries.) If she had my cell phone number, all of a sudden I would be paying big money so she could tell me that sliced Bavarian ham is on sale at a grocery store I don’t shop, but she had it for lunch.

My sister called me yesterday to ask why I let mom get a smartphone. “Uhhh, I didn’t ‘let’ her. She told me after she did it. And why did you let her have your cell number?” Well, my sister has been receiving 10 texts per hour that look like this:
###Deleted: yes

terba, Klonopin, vertigal, Seroquel, what do you think?

%####%___this testing [sic] is hard

maybe I should ask my doctor.
My sister has no idea what she’s talking about since that is how they come through…so incomplete. So incoherent.   So..lacking in context.

Last night I got this text from my sister:

IIFrr.S 1 <-- the preceding was a text I rec’d from mom. What the heck? I will be really upset if I receive naked pictures.
I just started laughing, because if mom is butt-texting my sister, I’m sure she could accidentally butt photo text her. Hee hee.

And the moral of the story is:  Why did you let mom have your cell phone number?

(Regular ob visit today.  We will see if I now weigh more than my husband.  Did you know the Thin Mints are in early this year?  Also, I got a call from the scheduler at the hospital, and they scheduled my surgery for the 19th at 11:30 am (aka the birth of my third child.))


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