Friday, August 01, 2008


And now for your viewing pleasure...

I believe I mentioned the rainbow that filled the entire sky (and caused people to stop on the expressway to take pictures with their cameraphones (or heavens...not stop while taking pictures)). Looking Left:Looking Right:

This next picture was taken one morning in our cottage on vacation. Chuckles was learning about optics. And when he says binoculars, it really is the cutest thing. His annunciation is so clear. (Note also, the sweatshirt in July.)

This is another vacation photo. Chuckles was riding (or is it driving?) what he assured me was a motorcycle. He asked me to ride on there with him on the back. I tried, but somehow I slow-motion fell to the ground.
This is the picture Chuckles took of me the first time I ever let him try to use my camera. I was eating dinner. This is my arm (in front of my belly). Honestly, I do have that many freckles on me. And they are there all the time - not just whilst pregnant. It's lovely, I assure you.And lastly (because it is bedtime for me), here is the gratuitous photo of a child feeding baby ducks. Actually, we had a big cup of Cheerios and Chuckles was eating them himself since he spent most of dinner taking random photographs of people, plates, benches, the ground, etc (see above). When I went and got a big cup of duck food, he was none to disappointed at having a chance for a snack. And, I made sure the ducks got some too.

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