Saturday, August 02, 2008

Nap Time is My Time

I think that 3 is a nice age. Chuckles woke up with the roosters this morning, let me know he was up, and then, oh, I don't know what because I went back to sleep. When I got up all the couch cushions were on the floor, his diaper was in the garbage, and he was eating cereal with a truck. It all seemed rather pleasant.

As part of our non-stop funapalooza, we went to Lo*Mart this morning to buy that bathing suit I saw online that said it was available in store. Not very true, that. Acording to the helpful woman in the changing room area, the maternity clothes are no longer with the clothes (you know, juniors, ladies, activewear, women's). They are in the infant department. M'kay. And when I went there, I found 6 little sticks on the wall with T-shirts, carpis, and shorts. And no bathing suits. So we left. Without looking for any of the other things on my list because at this point, Lo*Mart was getting the stink-eye from me.

So, we headed up Strip Mall Blvd to Old Navy. Where there were also no suits, but I wasn't super-diappointed because I didn't like their suits anyway. Across teh street was Motherhood Maternity and I figured, I pop in and just buy one since this was frustrating. When I got there I discovered that some time in the last 3.5 years Motherhood went out of business. OK, then. Motherhood was in the outlot of Target, so I just sucked it up and went in there. They had 7 suits left (4 different styles, XS to XL, not all styles in all sizes, obviously). There were two in Size L. I tried them both. They were fine. I let Chuckles pick, and I bought it. For far more money than I ever spend on a bathing suit. But I realized that I have a lot of bathing suit appropriate parties and activities coming up and I will use it. And then I will give it to someone else. In fact, I may have a giveaway right here on this blog. You can wash it before you wear it so it won't squick you out.

Then we went to the scrapbook store (who also did not have what I wanted, which was fountain pen ink refills by the way), but it just happened to be right next to the Toy Store That Has a Train Table, so we stayed there an hour and I bought some birthday presents for various people. Fun-A-Pallooza, I tell you. We came home, ate lunch, then laid down for naps. I am the only one who slept. Until I told him he'd be in trouble and we couldn't have any more fun until he slept. And then he did. So, he's asleep and I am eating cookies whose expiration date is some time after I will have this baby. And that, my friends, is a pretty freaky thing.

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