Monday, August 04, 2008

Non-Stop Mommy-Son Fun

After naps on Saturday, we went to Mimi's house to swim in her pool, but Chuckles actually spent more time riding a pink tricycle around her patio (while a dog chased him) than he did in the pool. He also spent more time dragging ALL of the MANY Diggers and Trucks out of her crawl space (and putting them back) than he did in her pool. But he didn't care because it was FUN. And we ate corn on the cob and had cheeseburgers. Which means I did not have to cook, so that was good too. Instead of books before bed, we watched TV!!! - a PBS show on sharks, otters, and tuna, then I tucked him into my bed to fall asleep. When I woke up a half-hour later, I tucked him into his own bed for the night.

Sunday repeated the let-sleeping-mommies-lie motif we started on Saturday. When I finally got up, we went grocery shopping and ate lunch. After lunch, we again did the nap thing. When I woke up, he was asleep. I got a few chores done, and then he was up (and still wearing his long-sleeve, long pants, Spiderman pajamas despite the fact that it was now 2 pm). We left shortly thereafter for a beach party with pizza and cake and a beach and sand and castles and Lake Michigan and kids and waves and splashing (and my new bathing suit). We stayed until dark. It was FUN. He'd like to go back and do it again. I think it's funny that I tried to convince him for 8 hours to get dressed and within 20 minutes at the beach, he was wearing his swim trunks.

On the way home, we talked to Daddy. The Sunday-night-coming-back-to-the-City-from-Michigan traffic was in full force. I told him it looked heavy and slow and I'd call with an eta. 10 miles and 10 minutes later, I called Daddy back and told him traffic was very heavy but FAST. I told him it was like everyone driving was from Illinois. And it was true. Everyone knew what they were doing 4.5 feet off of the bumper in front of them at 60 mph. The Dad-guy said OK and he'd be home when we got there. Which I told CHuckles. And then the Dad wasn't there and didn't get there for a good 20 minutes because he has no concept of time. Ever. But it was fine. I got Chuckles a shower and into bed. Dad and I talked in Chuckles's room for a half hour about how our weekends went (in lieu of reading a book, we told stories). I moved Chuckles from his Aerobed to real bed for the night and then I tucked myself in.

And to reward me for all teh fun he had this weekend, Chuckles threw a ne plus ultra fit this morning about how he didn't want to go to school and could I stay home from work and play with him all day. Which culminated in him mentioning a certain kid at school and how that kid isn't very nice to him, so I asked the teacher to keep them apart. And well, at least he had fun this weekend.

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