Thursday, June 24, 2010

An Anecdote and A Product Review

There were big purple blobs on the radar last night with evidence of rotation. We spent the evening below ground in the family room. Chuckles was getting a wee bit frightened by the thunder, so I threw the kids in the shower in the downstairs bathroom...the better to drown out the noise and be away from windows while getting clean. And Mythbusters says you don't really need to worry about showering during an electrical storm.

Then, the power went out for hours and hours. I ended up calling the police because Rowdy Teens were out joyriding and knocking on doors at midnight during a power outage (and we have many elderly neighbors and a history of looting in Chicagoland). I ended up sitting in the front window (in the dark) and waited for them to come back up to our front door and then right when they were ready to knock and run: blinded them with a 20 million candle power flashlight. That was really funny. Mr. Long-Suffering had no idea what I was doing and then BAM…teens scrambling away.


First things first: I received nothing bought or sold nor did I buy anything sold or bought. Anything bought was bought with my own money at retail prices without a coupon.

I'd like to give two hearty thumbs up to Glad Press and Seal Wrap. I purchased a roll of this at Lo*Mart. I planned to use it on our recent vacation for the following things:
  1. Cover restaurant tables where Bobo would be eating directly off of the table (although, in reality, he is using plates more and more frequently now, but I didn't know the extent of any immune issues when I made this plan).
  2. Use it in lieu of Tupperware on vacation. I didn't want to pack a bunch of containers and regular cling wrap does not work. Aluminum foil was an option but since I was already packing this for #1 above, I thought this could do double duty.
  3. Use it in lieu of sandwich and zipper bags on vacation.

It did all three things well. It stuck to bowls, it stuck to tables, and I was able to fashion sandwich and snack bags from it for an impromptu picnic we took on the boat. Price-wise, I don't know where it falls relative to other plastic wraps as I generally avoid them (since they don't work), but I would say this was a good buy since it worked so well and did triple-duty.

For the record, I am not signed up for any kind of amazon referral either. I just provided a link so you could see the product if you never have before.

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