Thursday, June 10, 2010

My shoulders are now 6" lower

And I didn't even stop wearing shoulder pads.

We got all of Bobo's blood test results back. With the exception of the elevated liver enzymes (which were most likely caused by Nystatin), he is fine. La-de-Dah. Fine fine fine. Did I mention fine? He has no IgE allergy responses at all to anything (not milk, not cats, not peanuts, not shellfish, not soy, not wheat, not mild, nothing). None. Nada.

His IgA, IgE, IgG, and IgM levels were all normal. His titers for diphtheria and tetanus were good. Hios M-CHAT score was ZERO on Tuesday. ZERO! ZERO! He is healthy and fever-free. He's making great strides in speaking ("buh", "Cah", "MAMA"). He's running. And climbing, and throwing temper tantrums. He's an almost-perfect 19-month old. We've lost 8 months of his life to illness, but now that he's out of day care, he's making up for lost time. Between the one-on-one attention with one of his parents and the (stunning) lack of illness, he's like an entirely different person. Speech therapy should commence this week. In six months, I hope this will all be a distant memory. The FMLA paperwork should be completed and turned in right around the time that this ends. Yippee.

Lisa the Loud, however, has a bladder stone. She's in the kitty hospital. She needs $1500 worth of work. Before Bobo's test results were back, I had been working on finding her a new home. If Bobo had been allergic, we probably would have put her to sleep (since we couldn't find anyone to take a healthy cat, I doubt they'd take a sick cat). But, since Bobo is fine. Fine fine. Lisa gets a reprieve. I called the vet hospital this morning to schedule the surgery. She's staying there for 10 days as a border since we are slated to be en vacances next week and I can't have cone-head cat walking around our house unsupervised and peeing. Stanley Steemer was out last week and cleaned the carpets only to have Lisa soil them on Monday.

The vet tells me that Lisa is spitting and hissing. Lisa is the most docile cat I have ever seen. A little skittish maybe, but gentle. So either she is in a lot of pain or she really doesn't like being in a kitty condo. They say it's not a cage, but they did have to put a blanket over her to calm her the eff down. I just hope when she comes home all fixed and healthy that she's not mean. I can't have that (nor can I have a cat who uses our house as her personal litter box).