Tuesday, April 05, 2011


I am so excited to learn that we all work together.  It's like, "OMG!  Meet you in the break room for lunch!"

While we're eating lunch, we can discuss strategy, team build, and explore our interdepartmental relationships so that we can actualize synergies and capture the economies of scale we've all heard so much about.  During these trying, difficult times of opportunity, we should not let our sense of urgency waiver.  It's during economic times such as these that we can realize greater efficiencies and improve our market share as we bring key resources back on line as demand for our Random Three-Letter Acronym product rebounds. 

I want each and every one of us to come together to be proactive, not reactive, to put our customers and stakeholders first.  We need to continue to improve our on-time delivery performance while not sacrificing our corporate commitment to safety, quality, and sustainability.  Let us look forward to the future to explore new strategic partnerships to bring additional value to our brand. 

Also, I believe a memo came out letting us know that we are to cooperate fully with Scott Adams and Tom Fishburne as they occupy the cube on the left aisle about half-way down near the coffee pot.  

I also found this on the most ludicrous job interview questions ever, and I wanted to share with all my new coworkers.  So, don't get fired, but I am pretty sure the answer to the first question is ONE, but the more interesting question is what is the smallest MAXIMUM number of guesses it could take.

I did want to tell you that my kids are awesome.  However, "school" is still kicking my rear-end.  There is so much parental involvement in "school" (and I am not talking about homework and reading to my child, etc) that it is really a drag on me.  It's the system.  The special formatting of envelopes that return items to school (order forms, permission slips, signing homework to prove my kid read to me, and really, a standardized way of writing envelopes?!?!), the gym shirt with child's name written on front and back in letters 2-3" high, fall and spring picture day, spirit day, wear a hat day, wear funny socks day.

Also, they don't send home paper report cards any more.  And as far as I can tell, they no longer assign letter grades (at least not in kindergarten like they did when I was a kid).  The parents are supposed to log into the computer system and view their child's performance relative to state standards.  It is 'graded' as met or did not meet.  And there are about 100 categories of things that are checked from specific information (tie shoes, recognize numbers 1-31, write own name, etc) to Successful Learning Behaviors (listens attentively, respects adults, etc).  I'm finding it all stressful and draining.  That said, Chuckles likes school enough, we've moderated some of his annoying behaviors, and he's doing fine.  That's good. 

But school is killing me.  And don't even get me started on the PTO.  I volunteer, I swear.  I would even volunteer more if any of the opportunities were outside the hours of 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.  Oh, sure, there was an opportunity to volunteer at the fun fair but the planning meeting was Tuesday at 10 am.  And just let me write you a check.  A nice big one.  I don't want any Market Day, wrapping paper, Scholastic Books, spring term school photos, overpriced bags of popcorn, coupon books, happy ads on the announcements, or raffle tickets for an ipod touch.

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