Thursday, April 14, 2011


There are two lots near my home that are vacant except for the pumping station in the corner hidden by some shrubbery.  My town, in a fit of neighborhood beautification, put in a couple of benches and a sign on the corner calling it a "park".  Lamest park ever.  No walking track, no playground, no tot lot, and surrounded by detached garages and an insurance office.  But sure, it's nice insofar as there are no buildings on the two lots and it is green-space.

The other day, we were driving past this "park", and the following conversation occurred in my car.

Chuckles (drolly):  That looks like a fun park.
Mr. Long-Suffering (touching the top of Chuckles's head like some kind of faith healer): The sarcasm, it is strong in this one.
Me (blushing and beaming proudly):  He gets that from me.

(And yes, yes, I understand that in America the punctuation mark is supposed to go inside the quotation marks, but you know what? That doesn't make sense outside of the she says comma open quotes capital-Go ahead period close quotation marks usage.  When one single word is in quotes and the period is not a part of the direct quote, it doesn't make sense.  Oh sure, you could say that these are rules for clarity,and we're just supposed to follow them.  But then I would say, "Rules are made to be broken." And I might call you a "sheep".  I'm a rule-breaker.  What can I say?)

Also, the doctor's office called and either my foot is not broken or the fracture is too small to be seen on x-ray (that clears it right up, no?).  Orthopedist appointment tomorrow! 

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