Tuesday, April 12, 2011


This morning, Chuckles woke up and came bounding down the steps into the kitchen where I was making my lunch.
Chuckles: I woke up and wrote a song, do you want to hear all about it?
Me: Oh absoluterly, my superspecial snowflake, tell mummy all about it.  Uh huh, go'head.
Chuckles: Well, it's called "Everything is Better with a Cherry on Top".
Me: ((I have now died from the cute and am laying on the floor.)) Oh, please sing it for me.
Chuckles: La-la-la-la, singing singing a song I wrote, blah blah blah.


So, the big job title realignment and standardization?  Yes?  Well, it was official on April 1st, and we were all to be notified in person by our managers by Close of Business on the 8th.  I'm still waiting for my meeting.  Efficiency!  And adherence to self-imposed standards!  Did you my trusty coworkers have your meetings yet?

Many moons ago, I wrote that I was doing/did Couch-to-5k.  Well, back in the fall, I ran 2 races.  I signed up for an 8k back in January.  8k is about (roughly) 4.97 miles.  A little over 2 weeks ago, I went out for a leisurely 6-mile training run (as if there is such a thing).  Two hours after I got home, I was hobbling around becuase my left (or sinister) foot hurt quite a bit.  I took 10 days off of running, went on two short practice runs last week of 2-3 miles each just to make sure everything was OK.  It was.

This past Sunday was the Shamrock Shuffle.  I ran 4.97 miles with 40,000 of my closest personal friends (in the hottest temperatures we had seen in 6 months).  Thousands came out to cheer me on.  All those signs that said "Go MOM Go"?  They were for me. 

Around the 4-mile mark, I realized something in my foot had snapped or broken, but I was already 80% of the way done and the pain was not unbearable, and it didn't actually affect my ability to run at all, so I finished (61 seconds below my goal time!) and ahead of about 8,000 people.  However, I landed myself at the doctor's office and subsequently radiology yesterday on suspicion of a stress fracture.   So now?  I'm just sitting at my desk, drinking some lukewarm tea (decaf green), waiting for the doctor to call, and having my youthful coworkers fetch my documents from the printer.  I'm in a rolling chair too, so I can get around my office if need be.

The human body doesn't want to run 5 miles is the lesson I learned.  I think I make a much better 5k runner than half-marathoner.  So, there you go.  Takeaway lesson:  you don't get stress fractures being a sloth who watches TV.  Is it Must-See-TV Friday yet?

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  1. I love the song.

    I hope the foot gets better soon!