Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Best. Day. Ever.

Every night before bed, I ask the kids what their favorite and least favorite parts of the day were.  Then they ask me the same.  Usually, my least favorite is something like traffic or mosquitoes.  Rarely, I will say that it was when they fought or something.  Every once in a while, I say that there was no least favorite, it was a great day overall.

Sometimes, their answers surprise me.  Yesterday, the kids went to Borders to buy discount-business-closing books, Office Max, and Office Depot.  They were each given a quarter at Office Max and Office Depot to buy whatever penny filler paper or dime binders they wanted.  They were so excited.  While they were out, they also stopped by the State Farm office to pay car insurance. 

When bed time rolled around, and I asked about favorite part of the day, do you know what they answered?  Not dime binders or penny paper.  Their favorite part was drinking water out of those little triangular cone cups from a water cooler at the State Farm office. 

Today, they went to the County Fair.  I joked with the nanny this morning that even though they are going to see farm animals and daredevil motorcycles, they will probably say that their favorite part of the whole day was the hand sanitizer station or something.  I just got the following picture as a text from the County Fair:

Yep.  They found a water cooler and are drinking out of those triangular cone paper cups (and sharing!).  They are also wearing matching outfits...the better not to get lost in a crowd (their shirts say "Thing 1" and "Thing 3"...their cousins are 2 & 4).


  1. That. is. awesome! I'm totally going to start asking DS his favorite / least favorite parts of his day.

  2. That's too funny. I guess you know what to buy if you ever want to give them a super big treat....