Monday, August 08, 2011

Hot Potato

I just got a really nice comment from creatingbalance on my last post about how I spring up in the comments sections of blogs she reads.  This post is in response to that.

We are a pretty tight-knit blogging community.  I go through periods where I comment a lot on my favorite blogs and other times, not so much. 

I hang out on lot of the parent/ing blogs & blogs of the formerly infertile, but you might find me elsewhere too (Laura Ingalls Wilder-related blogs, politcal blogs, Freakonomics, the Tribune comments section on anything having to do with reproduction/adoption, and twitter).  I use SarcastiCarrie everywhere as my name, so you might see me on google photos or youtube as well.  Or even on mapmyrun, if only I were still running.

My half-marathon is this weekend and I am not running it.  I got injured in April (tendonitis) while training for the Shamrock Shuffle (which I ran anyway!), and I am just now able to walk a half mile without too much pain.

The wave runner we bought at the beginning of the season is awesome.  We've been having a lot of fun, but I got a federal ticket, which was bogus, but I am guilty.  The thing is the rule is not fair.  It's discriminatory, in fact, but I'm sure my $125 will help the debt ceiling.  So what's the deal with the ticket?  I was within 300' of shore (at idle speed) in a no wake/idle speed zone, but personal watercraft can't be there under power, only boats can be within 300' of shore at idle.  I have to anchor 300' out and swim to shore (with both kids and a cooler of snacks).  A small jet-powered PWC captained by a conscientious driver is much less damaging to ecosystems than a boat, but I digress.  It's true that I did that illegal act in the National Lakeshore...which is why it's a federal ticket.  And I found out later that the feds were just out flexing their authority because of a jurisdictional pissing match.  Whatever.  The ticket will be paid and the kids are getting a lesson in Why Mommy Likes Limited Government. 

(Getting the ticket was quite a scene because of the whole jurisdictional angle...other police groups came out while I was being ticketing to make sure the Feds weren't overstepping their authority, then my dad stepped in and started arguing with the park ranger, then Bobo came over and started covering my feet with sand, then the town council president from the town where I was (the one with the jurisdictional issues) came out, then about 25-30 people started gathering around to find out what was going on.  Big fun.  Not embarassing at all.)

I gave blood last Tuesday. It was a hot day in Chicago.  The room where the blood drive was held was not air conditioned.  Blood donors were dropping like flies.  Since I had been spending so much time at the beach, I was acclimated to the heat and did just fine.  I even took the kids to a National Night Out Against Crime celebration that evening.  It was 91 degrees at 8 pm.  I had recruited several of our new hires and interns to be first time blood donors as well.  they did not fare so well, but they all promise they will give again....come Fall. 

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  1. The ticket scene sounds like something out of a movie. How fun for you.

    I use my same identity everywhere I comment on the internet, too, which probably annoys some people on the science blogs who click through and find a parenting blog. But I've also gotten emails from young female scientists who have found me that way and are grateful, so phooey on anyone who is annoyed.