Thursday, April 19, 2007

So I got a thing

  1. I got a bed.
  2. I got a call back on my resume. Yes, yes, perfect candidate, too far to drive. No not that company. Are you sure you aren't interested? Paid relocation. Very good salary. You sound perfect for hte job (and might I say that this phone interview makes you look especially thin in your worn-out elastic sweats). Maybe you could get an apartment there while you looked to sell? No, been there-done that-have teh scars to prove it. Very strong candidate. Best resume we've had for it yet. Are you sure you don't want the interview? You'll get the job offer (little does he know I've never gone on an interview and not gotten the job). Quite sure. Thanks for your time and if you see anything up my alley, please keep me in mind.
  3. I got 5 books from Goodwill today. I got two 1960s original Richard Scarry books for 50 cents apiece. And a book on choo choos that we read at the library one day and it has colors.
  4. I got goat's milk and breakfast sausage. NOthing exciting there, but it didn't seem fair to only have 3 numbered points.
  5. I got nothing for #5, but it seemed lame to end with that #4.

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