Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Another 15 minute dinner idea

1 steak (I prefer boneless ribeye like Delmonico but it's often over $8/lb so maybe porterhouse), set to thaw in refrigerator the night before
1 box couscous
1 16-oz pck Birdseye steamfresh steams in the bag frozen veggies (green beans, in my case)
1 tomato from my garden, optional

On way into garage, pull grill out and set it to preheat.
Go in house and change dirty work clothes.
Get steak out of fridge and take it out to the grill.
Come back in and start the veggies in the micro (7 minutes perfecto)
prepare couscous according to box directions. Use olive oil in it and if desired, add tomatoes to the water before it boils.
Flip steak.
Add couscous to the boiling water, cover, remove from heat.
Throw veggies in a bowl, set table, get beverages.
Bring steak in, serve couscous from pot on stove.

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