Monday, September 24, 2007

Some Things In Bullet Point Fashion

  • I am attending safety training all week and need to give a presentation. My topic: Food Safety (quelle suprise!).
  • Last weekend, on a boring Sunday, I pulled out three harmonicas and our family jammed to the Blues and we established a new Family Rule: no bologna near the harmonica.
  • This most recent past weekend, we went apple picking, so now we say that apples (and pumpkins) come from Michigan. And on the way back we stopped at a winery for 15 minutes and mommy got toasted lightly.
  • My son has started calling my Mommy Carrie.
  • Toothbrushes are not for cleaning the floor.
  • Road rash on knees, elbows and the tops of big toes is not a pretty sight.
  • The No Food Shall Be Eaten Strike appears to be on the way out, but stories of its demise may be greatly exaggerated.
  • My son calls The Simpsons television show "Homer". As in, "Watch Homer on TV".
  • We have some little issues with school. Namely, Chuckles got bit (again) by Roland. No big deal. Keep an eye on it.
  • Next week is "Picture Day:. Last time school had a picture day I accidentally sent Chuckles to school in Halloween jammies (in May), so I better do better this time.
  • Chuckles is learning to drink from an open top cup. I now keep the mop in the kitchen and he eats naked to minimize laundry.
  • Chuckles is doing really well in pre-school. If they graded it (which they don't), he'd be getting all As except in naptime and drinking from an open cup.
  • Chuckles did not sleep from 11 pm to 1 am one day last week and I did just fine at work the next day. My husband says it took him 6 hours to get going that day.
  • On the night of no sleep, he ended up upside-down in our bed, and it was 39 degrees outside but we couldn't put the covers up because his head was down and he'd suffocate fo something, so we shivered.
  • On the night of never ending crying and no sleep, we thought he might be hungry as he was in the middle of the No Food Shall Be Eaten Strike, so I gave him a graham cracker, which I ended up vaccuuming out of my bed at 1 o'clock in the morning.
  • On the weekends, I am back to driving for naps.
  • Chuckles can tell you that he got two pumpkins and mommy got one BIG pumpkin and there are now three pumpkins on our front porch. That sounds like addition.

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