Sunday, September 30, 2007


Some things from Chuckles:
  • When I told him we didn't have any ice cream: Go to the store and get some.
  • Devising a nefarious plan: I moved the chair over 'dere and got it (off of the bookshelf's high shelf where I didn't think he could reach).
  • When I asked him whether he wanted to go to the grocery store or the hardware store: Go to ..........toy store?
  • His speech is just skyrocketing and his acquisition of language is phenomenal. Kids are neat. 2 is a marvelous age. But, when again do they learn to sleep through the night, because at 4am this morning I heard: I need my mommy. (I enter the room.) Hi mom. Sit in your lap?

Best of all, I am blogging from the couch in front of Desperate Housewives. Love the Wi-Fi and the laptop.

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