Wednesday, December 10, 2008

900 posts

I have 900 posts inside my head but since Blogger doesn't read minds, I actually have to find the time to type the post into the computer. Very inefficient.

By the numbers:
  • 5 - number of tubes of petroleum jelly we have already consumed on Bobo (really, that's a lot of grease!)
  • 200 - approximate number of diapers already changed (possibly more, often in quick succession)
  • 8, broken - number of hours of sleep I got last night but not restful
  • 9 - approximate weight, in pounds, of Bobo
  • A jillion - approximate size, in comparison, of Chuckles when playing rambunctiously near Bobo
  • 15 - pounds I still need to lose
  • 3 - number of reasons I won't lose those pounds (Christmas cookies, hot chocolate, and an appetite that does. not. shut. off, ever. And also whipped cream in a can.)
  • 36/38E - Nursing bra size I am using, although I suspect it is wrong. 38C is definitely wrong (too small!).
  • 3-6months - size of clothes my 3-week old baby wears (it's a length issue)

I feel pretty good. The doctor gave me the go-ahead to normalize my life. Cleaning and exercising are still strictly forbidden. Doc said exercising, I added cleaning for good measure. I anticipate that rhymes with hecks will resume in a week or so, if I ever stop bleeding. Rhymes with Hecks has been gone for so long (4 months, 5, who knows?) that I wonder if I'll remember how.

I have taken both children out of the house by myself. I have cooked and bathed - just not all in the same day. My husband was off work for almost 3 weeks and when he went back, everything exploded and he's been working long and odd hours since. This has annoyed me to no end, but bolstered my confidence in my ability to have two kids and do OK by myself. We'll see whether confidence or annoyance wins long-term.

I (ridiculously) hosted Thanksgiving and a party the Sunday after. Paper plates were enjoyed by all, I hope. My husband deep-fried a turkey. I am attempting to get out of attending the holiday festivities with my extended family. It's just too much for one day. But I know I'll get flak because everyone wants to see the new baby. Must stand ground. Ugh. Can't I hire someone to do this for me?

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