Monday, December 22, 2008

true mom confessions

  1. one handed typing as bobo is sleeping on a very uncomfortably reclined me right now.
  2. i love both of my kids dearly. mr. hard-to-nap and mr. hard-to-nap-revisited or Chuckles and Bobo as they are also known (hey I am two handed typing now, hope Bobo doesn't move much). But oh man, this is exhausting.
  3. I am not an intuitive mother and i have no idea how to learn to be one (definition of intuitive probably means I can't learn how to do it, huh?). Example: Bobo is crying. I have no idea why. None. So I look at my chart (must have a chart) and see how long it's been since he ate. 2 hours, is that long enough to be hungry again? How about diaper? Maybe tired? Bored, cold? I have no idea. I just scroll through things until he stops screaming or daddy comes home. I was the same with Chuckles. This is why I believe in schedules (or at least routine). If it's time to eat, feed them, time to nap, put them to sleep, etc. Otherwise, you're on your own.
  4. I think I love Chuckles more. But not really. I just know him better. Does that make sense?
  5. Sometimes, I put blankets on the baby.
  6. Sometimes, I let Bobo sleep on his stomach (on my lap of shoulder as in right now).
  7. I'm not working, I send my older kid to school part-time and I just called the cleaning lady to get that going again. Am I lazy? Are my standards too high (and trust me, my housekeeping standards are fairly low)? Am I just trying to do too much? Am I inefficient? Do I like sleep too much and others are foregoing that to keep their balls in the air?
  8. I only made two kinds of Christmass cookies (but hey, they're from scratch and I involved the pre-schooler in the making so it took twice as long).
  9. I got my husband the lamest Christmas gifts ever BUT he didn't get me anything (I bought stuff for me and told him he had to wrap it himself).
  10. Baby elf ear is clearing up and becoming normal ear. I am sad. My last baby ever is growing up.

sub-part E: freaky things I do in bed

  • rhymes with hecks did happen and it wasn't terrible. after a 5-month hiatus, I was nervous that it would be unpleasant, but it wasn't. Must get IUD soon.
  • I slept on my stomach. after a 5-month hiatus from that (maybe more), I was nervous that it would also be unpleasant, and it was. A little. My knockers are a wee bit sore what with the constant attention they receive from Baby Elf Ear, and laying on them was not doing them any favors.
  • Lay on my back and try on my regular jeans. Cannot even get them past mid-thigh to see whether I can zip them. Maybe next year.


  1. Hey there - thanks for the shout out to TMC!

    Happy holidays


  2. Hey, I sent you an email at work today, and almost pasted the whole thing in here (because it's "important" from a grammatical viewpoint--I need to speak with the G. Queen, please) but then realized I didn't want everybody reading it. If you can check your work messages from home, please do at your convenience (certainly no rush), or just let me know via my email how I can get it to you before April... because by then, I may not care about the response.

    Curiously, your out-of-office reply did not say to check your blog. Next time, perhaps? I mean, there are lots of people who need to contact you!

    I'm glad everything sounds to be going well.