Friday, December 12, 2008

Where were you at 3am?

I was being pooped upon. No harm, no foul.

I wrote a song. It's set to the tune of that Christmas ditty about the kid who needs front teeth. It goes like this:
All I want for Christmas is a Full Night's Sleep
A Full Night's Sleep
A Full Night's Sleep
All I want for Christmas is a Full Night's Sleep
So I can wish you Merry Christmas
And mean it

So, that's where I am. I found two places with free photos with Santa for tomorrow. Am not looking forward to waiting in a line but one of the places has the Actual Macy's Window Displays from the movie A Christmas Story (you know, you'll shoot your eye out). It's the 25th anniversary of that movie and it was set in Hammond, IN which is super duper close to where we live so it seems like it might be cute. And I want a Red Ryder bee-bee gun this year.

I have noticed a recurring theme around blog-land and in real life at the library where I saw actual real people with actual real children. The theme is that when your second child arrives, you first child watches more tv . Now this is no scientific study or anything, but I know of 6 people who will say this is true. I concur. The only thing I can say is I hope in a few months (maybe 3, since I keep my expectations low) I won't be using the TV as much as I am right now. And the pacifier. I hope I won't be using the pacifier quite so much.

I am starting a new paragraph but other than that I have no way to transition to this next topic, so don't get whiplash as we move about quickly. I really enjoy the mailman coming because it gets me out of the front door and feels like my only link to the outside world. Pathetic yes, yet it's my reality.

I do not think I will be baking 9 varieties of Christmas cookies. I must make my pecan sandies/snowballs. I'd like to make oatmeal cranberry cookies since I am the only one who makes them. And I'd like to make cut out sugar cookies but I just don't know whether I have it in me. It would require cleaning the kitchen both before and after and I just don't think I can. Maybe only two varieties of cookies this year. Will keep you posted.

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