Monday, February 09, 2009

Car Shopping

Global economic collapse makes me want to buy a new car. Well, that and a rear-facing car seat that makes it uncomfortable for anyone (me) to sit in the passenger seat of both of our cars.

Our vehicles are 7.5 and nearly 1o years old. We currently have a mid-size family sedan (Honda Accord) and a crew cab pick up truck (mine!).

We aren't sure which vehicle we would be replacing (if any) or maybe both.

There are two tactics we're considering. One is buying two vehicles that fit all of us. Maybe a new Accord (the new version is larger) and a Chevy Traverse, GMC Acadia, or a Honda Pilot.

The other tactic is buying me something small, cheap, safe, and with good gas mileage (maybe a Versa or a Matrix). My husband would not be allowed in this vehicle (he's a big guy and trying to find something comfortable for him is a challenge in and of itself). I would put the rear-facing car seat behind the passenger seat and just bring that seat all the way forward and leave it there. I still want 4 doors though because, really. Then, for our second vehicle, we would get something like a Pilot or Acadia (something that can haul and tow as well as hold all of us at the same time, comfortably).

Any opinions?

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  1. I love our Honda Pilot- at the time we bought it (2003), it was the most fuel efficient SUV in its class. We replaced our trusty Civic with an Audi A4 (for the safety features), but we will never buy a non-Honda again- too high maintenance! Hondas are fuel efficient, reliable, and low maintenance.

    That being said, with the giant, super-safe Britax installed rear-facing, the passenger side of the Pilot still lacks leg room. We have opted not to put a child seat in the Audi and sometimes not having options for which car the kid rides in is a pain.