Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Whole Bunch of Stuff all rolled into one post

  1. I love Medela. I just called their customer service and they did some troubleshooting on my pump and are sending me a new cover for the pump as mine is hosed. I have a 2004 model pump, and they are still sending it. Woo Hoo. ANd they told me to try using it with the battery pack to see whether I severed a wire in my power cord by rolling up the cord around the transformer. Word to the Wise: Do not coil the wire around the transformer for easy storage.
  2. Car Shopping is fun and not fun at the same time. I find the whole negotiation process terribly stressful and frustrating. Next time I go in, I will just say, I need to get to this price through rebates and a trade in or I just can't do it. Hopefully, that will work. We'll see.
  3. I love the letter S. I never read that Happiest Baby book, but I hear the gist is that stuff that starts with S can calm your kid. Right now, Bobo is in his crib sleeping because I swaddled him, rolled him to his side, stuck a pacifier in his mouth so he could suck, and then stood while stepping around and jostling him and swaying until he fell asleep. I hope he stays that way too because he is a crackenheimer right now.
  4. Chuckles's BFF is back at his school and they were like long-lost lovers reunited this morning running through a field of blocks toward each other with arms wide open.
  5. I have had a cold and I think (even though I haven't taken anything for it) that my milk is less-plentiful because my body is using energy to heal me. Bobo is none-too-happy about this turn of events and let me know about that all night long. Whee. I try not to take his sleeping for advantage after the no-sleeper I had in Chuckles, but I guess I have come to expect a certain level of sleep these days.
  6. Chuckles has learned the phrase "Mommy Time" as in, "I need my mommy time." He usually utters these words just as I have sat down to feed Bobo so that's super guilt-inducing.
  7. My mother-in-law thinks I am slowing freezing the kids to death. SHe did some babysitting on Monday (my birthday) so we could car shop sans enfants and when I came back the heat was set at 70 (about 5 degrees warmer than we keep it) and Bobo was in a fleecey outfit and a blanket. Poor kid was probably sweating.

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