Monday, February 09, 2009

If that's "green", I'll eat Sir Topham Hatt's Hat

The cleaning lady came on Thursday. She was testing out a new line of "green" products that are infused with essential oils. The floor cleaner really did smell nice, but it gave me a head ache. See, she was spraying it on the floor in the nursery and the explosive gas alarm starting going off (don't ask why the explosive gas alarm is in Bobo's room). So, we moved the alarm to fresh air (the front porch) and went about our day frantically calling Mr. Long-Suffering to find out if I had irreparable lung damage. Then, just for fun, we recreated the conditions in CHuckles's room and the alarm went off again. So, what's in this "green" product? The ingredient list was not on the bottle but there's some kind of solvent or something.

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