Friday, May 27, 2011


So, as I was going through the digital photo archive to find the 5 photos that capture the last 10 years, I stumbled upon a photo that pretty much summarizes how photos can tell the whole story of my life. 

This photo here pretty much sums up 2003-2004 (this is 2/9/2004).  There is my beloved cat, Abigail (now deceased).  She was on top of me while I slept, but I didn't mind because she is awesome. 

If you look at the nightstand, you can see my basal temperature thermometer, some Pro-seed, a symptothermal chart, the tissues that I used with the progesterone suppositories, an alarm clock (haven't used one since Chuckles was born because he's awesome for getting me up every single morning of my life, no matter what), a book of erotica, and a book I read for pleasure.  I assure you the erotica was not for pleasure. 

I tried to zoom in on the clock to see how decadently late I was sleeping but the resolution just wasn't there.  If you can give it the full CSI treatment, let me know.

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