Tuesday, March 18, 2008


So, come Monday, Chuckles was not only still ill but perhaps a bit worse, so I called off of work for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (I don't mess around). First thing Monday, I called the pediatrician and they told me to come right in right then. So, I did.

Chuckles was examined by the same doctor who saw him on Saturday and I was told I did the right thing bringing him back because he was much more ill. He had developed an ear infection in both ears and some kind of something on his tonsils. They swabbed his nose and it was negative for influenza (however, this did not stop my mom from telling a story about a woman she knows who got the flu this year and DIED). Since he didn't have strep, didn't have the flu, and an ear infection would not produce the wide range and severity of symptoms he was experiencing, we were sent immediately (do not pass go, do not collect $200...in fact give us $200) to the hospital to have a million tests run (CBC, metabolic panel, mononucleosis test, Epstein-Barr, various and sundry cultures for blood, urine, and feces). We also got a script for azithromycin for the ear infections. We were not given amoxicillin because of a strange cross-reaction with mono. Testing for mono in young children is difficult because they cannot tell you where it hurts and the tests are not as accurate on the young.

The blood results are not all back yet but those that are back are normal for a bad cold. That's good news. I guess. Sometimes, I was a diagnosis so we can move forward with treatment. The kid's been sick for 9 days and today was teh first time I saw him eat food in any quantity other than "tiny". Today's consumption was merely "small".

Oh, and I got a call from my doctor's office today. Stay on the progesterone. No numbers were given. I guess I'll get those at my first OB visit which I need to schedule. And I think I can convince them to give me an ultrasound for "dating" because with my LMP, I should have had a MUCH higher beta (nevermind that I know my conception date...give me the ultrasound). And I was told that once I have a definitive diagnosis for Chuckles to call them or my primary care physician to find out whether there was a bad thing for pregnant women. I do have a low-grade fever and have been taking tylenol. Dude, I'm pregnant. That boggles the mind.

Did I mention that while having his billion vials of blood drawn, Chuckles clotted off and they had to stick him in the other arm (during which he said, and I quote, "owie" with no inflection at all)? I didn't mention that? I must be blocking things out to protect myself again.

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