Saturday, March 15, 2008

Where else have I been?

Way back on Feb 29th, I mentioned that I would pee on a stick on March 8th (or 10dpo) and let you know the answer. I didn't want to answer you yet because the story would have been both frustrating and unfulfilling because I honestly didn't know the answer.

Well, I peed on the stick but I had no answers. Here's what happened: Chuckles woke up early, so I got up to get him and I peed in my cup and took the dropper and put 4 drops on the test and washed my hands because apparently, I am not so careful in the dark. Then I looked at the test in the nightlight and saw nothing at all. My husband got up and looked at it and saw nothing. A good 30 minutes later, I came back to brush my teeth and saw something, but it was after the 10-minute time limit and it was not entirely clear to me that it was a line and not something like maybe an evaporation line (which is the devil's work, I tell you) or just an area of slight discoloration. Now, I've peed on a lot of New Choice pregnancy tests. They are my test of choice (only $1 at the Dollar Store with a sensitivity of 25 mIU/ml and who wants to spend $15 only to be told, again, that they are not pregnant), and I've never seen anything other than a clear negative. To convince yourself a tiny bit, you'd have needed to tilt the test just so, squint like this, and have the light of a thousand suns at your back.

So, I was intrigued but not convinced that there was anything to see here, move along. My first morning urine was gone so I could not even retest because at 10dpo, first of the day was the only thing that would work. I decided against beer with my pizza that night just in case, but I was NOT getting excited and my husband is smarter than to be optimistic ever unless I specifically say, "OK, be happy now."

So, this is what I saw...see why I wasn't sure what to think. Not much there, eh?

So, Sunday and Monday mornings I again, dutifully, peed on sticks and saw something a little bit more convincing but still, not so much. But I told myself it was only 11 and 12dpo.

Here are Sunday and Monday's tests for your viewing pleasure.

Monday, I called off of work to stay home with sick Chuckles so I thought this was quite handy as I could pop in to my doctor and get a blood test to put this madness to an end. I started calling the office at 7:30 and called every 90 seconds until they opened at 8:03. My person would not be in until 9:30. Damn. So I went to work (Mr. Long-Suffering came home so I could attend my first day on the job). My office didn't call back until 6:30 that night.

First thing Tuesday morning, I went and had my blood drawn. And I waited for a call. And I waited and waited and waited. No call. Wednesday came and Wednesday almost went. At almost 7pm, Chuckles and I were (naked) about to hop into the shower. The phone rang. It was the nurse. My beta was back (but none of the other tests like progesterone which is actually rather important). It was 221. I was flabbergasted. 221. Woo Hoo. At 13dpo with Chuckles, it was 37 or somesuch, so I was prepared for any number greater than 25 to be regarded as good, but cautious, news. So, woo hoo. They did not want to repeat to check for doubling betas since this was basically an unmedicated cycle (apparently, the progesterone sticks in my, err mind, more than in theirs). They'll call me back when the rest of the blood work comes in. It's Saturday, that was Wednesday, I haven't heard from them yet, but there was a culture involved so perhaps they need to wait to see whether anything grows.

So, as of right now, I am pregnant. Not to jinx myself or anything, but a theoretical due date is November 20th. I am continuing progesterone and trying not to count any theoretical chickens before they theoretically hatch.

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