Saturday, October 18, 2008

One month to go

The big event at my last doctor's appointment was that my "surgery" was scheduled. You know, the birth of my child. It's November 17th (time tbd).

In other news, I am still on pelvic rest and will be for the duration. There's no hope of the placenta moving now. And the baby is breech. And that's about it.

I only gained 1 pound in the previous week, so I feel pretty good. My food cravings are decidedly toward the unhealthy (milk shakes, rice pudding, chocolate milk, cereal, caramel, toffee), so it's good that I am not keeping that stuff in the house and only gained a pound.

I had horrible carpal tunnel from about 5 months on with Chuckles. It appeared on Thursday. That seems pretty good to me. I make it to 35 weeks and only wore my brace once. I've worn it a bit since then. This time around, it is nowhere near as bad.

With Chuckles, at 36 weeks, I took my wedding ring (and my shoes) off and didn't see them again for 3 months (ironically, it was April Fool's Day and I figured someone had to be kidding me). So far, nothing even seems tight...even by the end of the day after eating lots of salt. So far, so good. We'll see how it goes.

I only have two weeks of work left and they still haven't figured out who my replacement is. This ought to be fun. Fun, I say. Except it's not. But, that's OK. It'll be fine. I won't be there. They'll muddle through.

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