Tuesday, October 07, 2008

This Post Rated PG-13 for Brief Nudity

It's Official.

I Am All Kinds of Huge.


  1. I tried to do a push-up today and could not as my belly hit the floor before my elbows could bend.

  2. I no longer fit in my size L maternity clothes. All of my XL clothes are sweatpants, so I don't foresee any further wardrobe dilemmas.

  3. I saw my old ob at Chuckles's school on Friday night (I see her partner now because it is MUCH easier to get an appointment with him). Anyway, OB says to me, "Oh my! You look ready to pop (or maybe she said drop...anyway...)!" I laughed and said I was only 33 weeks. And she got this horrified look on her face. I said, "It's OK. I'm on track for a 9-pounder." She agreed heartily based on how I looked, and the fact that Chuckles was over 8 lbs. And she agreed about the c-section given the potential size and the placenta previa. So, look, I got a second opinion on the medical necessity of my c-section.

  4. My boss thinks I have begun to waddle. My boss also thinks I appreciate that he noticed. Ha ha ha. That boss-man. So funny.

  5. My husband has stopped thinking that pelvic rest is a bad idea. He finds the physics daunting.

  6. Here's your proof positive.......

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