Sunday, October 26, 2008

Photos are the Lazy Mom's Way of Filling a Blog Post

I emailed a midwife friend of mine to find out if there was anything I could do about the swelling other than water with lemon, sleeping on my left side, watermelon (which is so not in season right now), and the super-sexy stockings. Here is her answer:

The swelling is caused by lymphatic fluid leaking out of your vessels and into
your tissue. One thing that works really well is to get into a pool
for an hour or so, 3-4 times a week. The pressure (hydrostatic?) of a big
pool of water is greater than the pressure of the free lymphatic fluid in the
tissues and it forces the lymphatic fluid back into the vessels. The
vessels take it to the kidneys where it can be processed into urine and
eliminated. I guess it’s almost the same principal as pressure stockings
but on a whole body scale. You don’t have to swim. You just
hold onto the side in water up to your shoulders and let the pressure do its
thing. It’s time-consuming and impractical (unless you belong to the YMCA
or a health club) but it really works.
So, I decided to give it a try. Here is a picture of me floating in the swimming pool to relieve swelling.

After that, I decided to have my husband take my picture, because I think the baby has actually dropped (although that doesn't seem possible given how low I was carrying to start, but judge for yourself).

You miht notice, if you've been studying me closely, that I cut my hair. I donated another ponytail to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. It was two years, two weeks since I cut it, and I had another 12" to cut. So, I guess my hair grows about 6" per year. The lady at the salon was ery nervous about cutting my hair. Apparently, they do not like to cut off all the hair of pregnant women because we do things that are irrational when our faces are all puffy and we think it's a good idea, but, dude, it is so totally not. I assured her that I had been planning on cutting my hair for two years since the last time I did this. So, she cut it. But I have heard that hormones make your hair thick and gorgeous, so it would seem an awesome time to cut and donate hair. But then again, I am totally not in love with my hair. It's something to keep my head warm.
As long as I had teh camera out, I snapped a picture. Call this photo "The View of my Lap from Right Here".

And our last picture from this set is called "Use This Photo to Discourage Teen Sex and Pregnancy". Oh man, that's one hot photo. In actuality, I hadn't seem myself from that angle, uhm, ever, so this was quite illuminating. This picture is actually upside-down (note that my jeans are at the top) because of how I was holding the camera. If you look at it while standing on yoru head, it's not nearly as scary.

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