Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Evaluation

We had our evaluation with the county early intervention people yesterday. They looked at Bobo as a whole child. They evealuated fine and gross motor skills, social/emotional Bobo, and silent Bob.

So, some nuggets:

Bobo thinks, "This is the best thing EVER! Two, 2, TWO pretty ladies came to my house with the express purpose of playing with me. Me! Not my brother but me! And I got to eat cinnamon goldsifh crackers to show up my pincer grip. They played with me! I got to throw a balloon and kick and smile and charm. Uninterrupted attention. Yippee. What else can I mess up to get more of this?"

Dina and Kate were wonderful with him. One of them was a behavioral therapist and the other was a speech-language pathologist. They banged a drum and played a mimicking game (wherein he did not mimic any sounds). They read him a story. They stacked blocks, watched him eat, played Duplos, rolled cars, etc. He got to point to body parts and do the hand motions to "The Wheels on the Bus".

He screamed like a pteradactyl. He said, "oh oh", which is like "uh oh" but even less. He said, "Muh" while signing for more. He said, "Gah" while pointing at a wooden cat. He smiled. He charmed. He was delighted. He failed his expressive language portion of the exam. Pretty spectacularly.

Our Wednesday meeting has not been canceled which means Bobo qualifies for services, so today, like the good little mommy I am, I started calling speech-language pathologists and getting put on fricken waiting lists because OMG, there are no SLPs with openings. There are a few who work in the schools and have summer openings, but then I am right back here in August. Two of the SLPs told me they have kids in their programs turning 3 in September or October and I can get in then. I even tried going to the self-pay play clinic. They have no openings, and we're on their waiting list. So, then I started calling behavioral therapists with bachelors degrees in speech/language (and Masters Degrees in whatever). I left several messages. I called 7 SLPs/BTs and no one has any openings. I guess I will keep calling because it is that important. Note to all of you: get training and certification in SLP...you'll never be unemployed.

I don't think I have anything else to say except Chuckles is graduating from kindergarten on Thursday and his Jostens cap and gown came home yesterday and I started tearing up. Stupid mom.

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