Thursday, May 20, 2010

Unicorns, Water Sprites, and Speech-Language Pathologists with Openings

What are things that don't exist, Alex?

Anyway, I couldn't get Bobo a speech therapist. I am on the waiting list. I ended up getting him a developmental therapist with some experience with speech issues. I am on 7 waiting lists. The earliest opening is in 2-3 months.

Chuckles graduated from kindergarten tonight. It was cute and disorganized, and I did not cry one single tear the entire time. Even though I had cried intermittently the entire day.

Because Bobo is sick. Again. And badly. He just got over thrush. For gosh sake's my 18 month old contracted thrush, an opportunistic infection if ever there was one. He has subacute strep bacteria in his throat. They took a variety of cultures from him (ear cultures are pretty gross, for the record). He's sick. Again and we're going to do antibody studies because it sounds like Bobo has primary immunodeficiency. Which I am not googling. Any more. He gets sick with opportunistic infections. Ear tubes have meant that instead of being on oral antibiotics constantly, he's now on antibiotic ear drops and eye drops every other week. Our pediatrician told us in no uncertain terms that Bobo needs to leave day care for at least 6 weeks so he can be healthy enough for some of the tests. It's hard to do antibody studies when you have an active infection.

I'm a wreck. I had made my peace with our day care. I liked it plenty. Chuckles flourished there. But Bobo is not Chuckles. Every child is different. Don't compare your kids. And CHuckles just graduated. So, we're getting a nanny. On Monday. Mind you, I don't have a nanny picked out, but Bobo can't go back, so I don't know what I am doing. The grandparents are not willing to be stop-gap childcare for us. I could take vacation or something. I don't know. The pediatrician said he can't write us out on FMLA for this. We just need a week. TOmorrow, I am calling nannies and interviewing them this weekend with a Target Date of June 1st.

So, I'm crying and I think I totally missed all of Chuckles's graduation because unbeknownst (is that spelled right?) to me, Bobo had a 102-deg fever during the graduation. He's on antibiotics. Why did he spike a fever? And now he's in bed coughing. ANd I'm weeping and blogging. And crying. And not cute Bachelorette-style tears but the big snotty, puffy faced kind.

I have to go to bed now. I'm sure I'll get sleep...not. Good night.


  1. So I'm going to skip the part where I call you sweetheart and tell you it's all going to be ok. Instead, I'm going to tell you that I googled it for you. The good news is that, assuming that Bobo really does have a primary immune deficiency, depending on what kind it is he can either outgrow it or he can undergo treatments that offer "a dramatic, complete and permanent cure." And for now, that's all you need to know. Because you don't know if he even has one and there's no point in stressing out until you know for sure. But just in case, there's good news. There are treatments and cures. That's good news. Really, really good news.

    More good news? Bobo is only 18 months old. He won't remember any of this.

    As far as the nanny situation - are you anywhere near a college or university? If so, call the school of ed or go down to campus and check the bulletin boards. There should be a ton of phone numbers of teachers-in-the-making who are looking for nanny positions.

    I also read that good nutrition really helps...I can't remember if Bobo is a good eater or not, but if he's not, maybe a good multi-vitamin is in order? And some tasty, chewy Vitamin C and D? Fish oil? (These are all the things my son takes and let me tell you, they are the highlight of his day.)

    What else? Is there anything any of your fans can do to help? Research topics and send you highlighted notes? Order vitamins and have them sent to your house? Order groceries and have them sent to your house? Email you horrible knock knock jokes? Seriously. Let us help.

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