Monday, May 24, 2010

A New Blog Record

So, 8 comments! Wow. Nothing brings you guys out of hiding like my own existential crisis.

We interviewed 3 potential nannies over the weekend. All of whom we would hire (if their references and background checks pass muster). We have a one last nanny candidate coming today. I think maybe 30 people responded to the ad. I give SitterCity a thumbs up from that perspective.

So, we are thisclose to hiring ourselves a nanny. And now Mr. Long-Suffering is having second thoughts. He wants to stay home. I fowarded his call to HR. Giant Industrial Manufcaturing Company can sometimes be remarkably caring and accomodating to parents in crisis. He wants to take June off of work. (and do what? I don't know.) I think he wants to show the nanny how to take care of our kids. Make sure she's not a deranged criminal. We're thinking of interviewing her neighbors (just kidding, kind of).

So, things are looking up. I should have someone by the middle of the week.

We're getting rid of Lisa the Loud. She's still at the vet. They gave her an antibiotic shot for whatever it is she had that caused her to eliminate on Mr. Long-Suffering. I need to find her a new home because there is some concern (not mine...but other caring, intrusive individuals to whom we are related) that Bobo has cat issues/allergies. I haven't googled it, but do cats carry strep? Some people in teh extended family have suggested as much. (Google confirms they can/do.) So, we'll have to find out what it is Lisa had while she spent the weekend at the vet. I think I found a nice family who will keep her for the summer. If Bobo gets better, we might try taking Lisa back. We'll see. This is still quite tentative.

We're having the carpeting and duct work cleaned. I spent the weekend rearranging the furniture and vacuuming under and around everything, and I moved everything about. The new arrangement turns part of the living room into a preschool playland. I am not ashamed to say that I love it. My living room is a romper room and that's OK.

So, that's where I am today.


  1. I'm glad things are looking up! It is a lot to figure out in a short period of time.

  2. that's sweet Mr. LS wants to take the time off! If it makes him feel better, he should do it.

    My hubs took an extended leave-of-absence from his job after we had endless sitter problems in tandem with Pea's health issues. It was the best thing in the world we could have done at the time. Now we have decent sitters, but whatever brings your family peace of mind, do it, no matter how silly or paranoid it seems.