Saturday, April 19, 2008

Blood, Sugar

The other day, Chuckles went for his 3rd Birthday Well-Child visit with the pediatrician. He needed a lead test, so off to the lab we trotted. My child can cot off a line like nobody's business, so the kindly lab tech (whom we have had before and she thinks Chuckles is as charming as I do when he says "Owie") decided to prick his finger and get the two tubes that way (after having the little butterfly vein thing not work out so well). Anyway, Chuckles didn't even realize that he was bleeding. He thought that blood that was everywhere (I mean really everywhere, floor, tech's gloves, all over his hands, and in the tubes, on the table, and dripping onto my lab) was paint or marker, so no major trauma there. All though, he has an ear infection so we'll need to go back again in a few weeks to have his continuin cough, swollen tonsils, and of course, ears rechecked.

As for the sugar, I am pretty sure I am completely unable to control my blood sugar. I don't think it' s going too high, but I am pretty sure it's dropping too low. I'm hypoglycemic, I guess. I have the typical symptoms of shaky and overly emotional (and I don't think it's hormonal because it goes away if I eat). Mr. Long-Suffering is at the pharmacy buying my a blood glucose monitor right now. My doctor's office said it was too soon to order any tests and that it sounded weird, but I have PCOS which is characterized by an inablility to control insulin and blood sugar, so I'm not terribly surprised. So, I'm keeping a blood sugar diary and a food diary and I'll bring it to the doctor with me in two weeks. For now, I'm trying to keep a little low-carb and higher protein. But it's hard because I have so many food aversions right now that food rarely sounds good. Pity, I know. I just had cole slaw and a kiwi. Odd lunch. On the plus side, this is what it takes for me to swear off of ice cream, cookies, and candy bars. They all leave me feeling like crap, so that's a bonus.

I got some comments on my post about being unable to get my child dressed. I love the idea about the puppet. As for going to school in pajamas. It happens between 1 and 3 times a week as it is, and even that is hard because getting him to remove his pants, put on unerpants and then put pants back on is a real challenge. Oh, he woke up from his nap. I'm off.

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