Thursday, April 03, 2008

So Tired

  • I am so tired. So very very sick and tired. I love every minute of it and take nothing for granted but really where was zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I? Oh yes, tired.
  • I am so happy that nbc's "Chuck" was renewed for another season. One of the best shows on TV, I kid you not. I look forward to nursing whilst watching.
  • The spotting seems to have resolved.
  • Because of the spotting, I got repeat betas drawn. Thursday at 1pm was 45,000 and Saturday at 10 am was 60,000. It's no doubling in two days but with numbers that high, the doubling rate peters off. So, we are good to go. Go where, you ask?
  • For an ultrasound, numbers that high meant that if I had an ultrasound done, we were pretty much assured a gestational sack and a fetal pole. Well, I had the ultrasound on Tuesday (April Fool's Day) and there was ONE intrauterine gestational sack, one fetal pole, and one thumping bit of cardiac activity. That was 6 weeks, 5 days. So, huzzah.
  • Because it was April Fool's Day. We called our parents and told them I was pregnant and then told them Happy April Fool's Day. And then told them we were just wishing them a Happy April Fool's Day and I really was pregnant and then told them Happy April Fool's Day again. When we got off the phone, I am not sure they knew I was pregnant. But it was a lot of fun and the immediate family knows now (parents and siblings). Chuckles doe snot know and will not need to know for months and months.
  • Two kids at Chuckles's school had lice so we had to clean/bag everything that was at school that day. Poor kid had the scrubbing of a lifetime but got to strip naked in the garage, which sounds like a lot of fun. It appears we may have escaped infestation.
  • I cannot believe I am still awake. It's 7 minutes after nine. I haven't been up this late in two weeks!
  • I'm off to ebay to look for a few books (Happiest Baby on the Block, No-Cry Sleep Solution, Siblings without Rivalry, etc). Can you tell, I am actually starting to think this might all work out?

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  1. Woo hoo! I've been checking in to make sure everything was ok...glad to hear your fab news...